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The value of pensions and investments and the income they produce can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested. 




Jen is truly amazing. We have been advised by her a few times now and have found her depth of knowledge and attention to detail remarkable. I would not hesitate to recommend Jen to anyone seeking financial advice. She is easy to talk to and makes money matters less scary. Our only disappointment is that we didn’t meet Jen earlier.





I feel it’s important to give you choices about how you pay for your financial advice, and that you pay a fair price for the advice you receive. You can choose whether the fee is paid to me from your own bank account, or through the product provider (taken from your own investment money) of any new policies you may buy. At our first meeting, we will discuss the fee options and I will help to guide you. Once you are happy, a fee agreement will be signed — giving you complete peace of mind that there will be no unexpected charges.

Your fee options are:

  • Fixed Fee — often for new investments or pension policies.

  • Hourly Rate — an estimate of the time I will spend creating your financial plan.

  • Combination Fees — a mixture of the above.

  • Protection Policies — commission paid by a policy provider.

  • Reviews — annual reviews of your financial plan and policies.

Your requirements may be for “Simple Financial Advice” or “Complex Financial Advice”. Simple Financial Advice would typically include a new regular contribution pension plan, a new ISA, and protection plans. Complex Financial Advice typically includes pension transfer advice, trust advice, and large or multiple investments — usually, in these cases, an extra meeting is required during the review process, and I undertake more detailed research and design.

Transferring out of the Final Salary Scheme is unlikely to be in the best interest of most people.

Fixed Fee

This is available when you are starting a new Investment or Pension Policy as part of your financial plan. I will charge a fixed 3% of the fund value to cover the cost of the financial review process. You decide whether I take the payment directly from you, or from the new policy provider.

If you would like a free, no-obligation initial conversation about your financial plans and requirements, please use the button to contact me.


Hourly Rate

You can choose to pay for each hour it takes me to provide your financial plan. I charge the hours at two rates:

  • £200 per hour for all tasks a financial adviser needs to perform.

  • £75 per hour for all tasks an administrator could perform.

There is no VAT to be added.

If you choose to pay an hourly rate for your financial advice, this will more often need to be paid directly by you. In certain circumstances, I can arrange for payment to be made by the product provider from your own money/fund. I will confirm this with you and give you an estimate at our first meeting.

Typically, Simple Advice charges will range from £500 to £1,500, and Complex Advice charges from £1,500 to £3,000.




My real-life case studies show how a financial review has really benefited existing clients. You will also see how they feel about my financial advice process.


If you would like a free, no-obligation initial conversation about your financial plans and requirements, please use the button to contact me.

Combinations Fees

Very occasionally, a Fixed Fee percentage is not enough to cover the cost of the financial advice I provide, and I may need to charge a small additional fee. I will ensure you are informed of this at our initial meeting.


Protections Policies

Protection policy providers pay commission to financial advisers and this is set to continue (for pensions and investments, the commission was stopped at the start of 2013). This does not mean your advice has been for free though, as the cost of the commission has been built into the premium you will pay!

I will give you the choice of whether I take the provider’s commission payment (at no initial cost to you), or whether you pay me an hourly rate and we reduce the commission — this will reduce your premium.


If you would like a free, no-obligation initial conversation about your financial plans and requirements, please use the button to contact me.



It is important that we meet annually to assess your financial plan and to review your Investment and Pension policies; we need to make sure they are still right for you and are performing as we expected. The review process can either be charged at an hourly rate, or be paid for through your policy provider from your own money/funds.

The review meeting itself will normally take one hour, but there will also be preparation work beforehand and potentially action to be taken afterwards. It is therefore typical for a review to take 2-4 hours of a financial adviser’s time.


We can arrange for a small additional monthly fee to be paid by the product provider to cover your review charges. Typically this will range from 0.5% of the size of your fund to 1%.

Both payment options for the review will be discussed at the initial meeting, and the option you choose will be written into the fee agreement.

If you would like a free, no-obligation initial conversation about reviewing your financial needs, please use the button to contact me.